Saturday, October 4, 2008

First trimester recipes - poondu kanji

The lightest happiest dinner: Garlic Porridge - Poondu Kanji
The most preferable rice for this is red rice - hand hulled rice or Kerala samba red rice. At least go for parboiled rice (since raw rice isnt going to be easy for evacuation!!!).

Take 1 cup rice (a cup can be a 150ml coffee cup!). Take 1 full garlic(muzhusu - aamaa!!!), which can have 10-12 cloves ("pal" in tamil!). Peel the cloves and add them to the rice. Take 1 inch dried ginger piece (chukku). Slightly smash the dried ginger piece, so that the flavor and essence can enter the rice. Don't worry about the dried ginger too much, are going to take the ginger piece after cooking is done and you wont be eating it!

Cook them all together in a pressure cooker, for a longer time (at least 5 or 6 whistles - it has to kuzhanjufy - completely cooked). Red rice doesn't become too pasty too easily - just ensure good cooking!

Once cooking is done, add a pinch of salt, and one cup of boiled milk to it. Eat it warm! Absolutely fabulously light dinner - no acidity, no bloating, nothing if you have this. This will serve at least three people, so eating only a little amount will fill you up well.

My mom says that "poondu kanji" is for the morning and for the night it should be "paasi payaru kanji". I disagree with her, because any legume makes me scared of all the bloating it may cause!!! If you are curious the ideal paasi paruppu kanji (green gram - rice porridge) should include half cup green gram for one cup rice (whole - with green cover, not the broken yellow version!!! you need fiber remember?). You can add a little bit of coconut powder (Thuruvinathu!) and ideally a little bit of muringakeerai - greens - leaves from moringa tree!

I definitely prefer the poondu kanji. I have also read that urd dhal, black gram is the best legume for pregnant woman. (Dont even ask me what happened the day I ate adai - my goodness!). You know you can cook white rice with half the measure of urd dhal, and that is the best for girls who have attained puberty and it is prescribed for pregnant women too. I think the secret reason is the surplus fibre in it, and the available protein from it! So I had been having urd dhal rice often this time. You can add some coconut for flavor and even sesame oil! Sesame oil (gingelly oil) is very good for anybody - remember its the olive oil equivalent from South India. It has the good cholesterol in it. I know some people put urd dhal in kanji also, but we haven't been doing that. Plain and simple poondu kanji is really good.

If you are a person looking for spicy side dish for poondu kanji you can make corriannder chutney or have with lime pickle. I know people who take this kanji with a small piece of achchu vellam (brown sugar pieces!).

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